The Bay Area Rapid Transit System, also known as BART, is one of the most successful mass transit systems in America. BART travels over 104 miles of track and stops at 44 stations along the line. Nearly 400,000 people ride BART each day. Another 300,000 passengers use BART on the weekends.

BART is run by San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District that serves Alameda, San Francisco and Contra Costa Counties.

BART has been plagued by funding shortages from Read the rest of this entry »

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) was created on August 3, 1964 in an effort to address a logistical and economic problem that was plaguing the infrastructure and commuters of the city of Boston. Prior to the founding of the MBTA, the region’s railroads helped transport passengers from one point to another. As cars and trucks became more popular alternatives, ridership on the railways decreased and many railroads began losing money. Consequently, the city had to subsidize the railways in order Read the rest of this entry »

The Chicago Transit Authority operates the public transportation system in the largest city of the Midwest region. The Chicago L is the unofficial name given to the rapid transit system that is operated by the CTA. The Chicago L consists of eight total lines that serve the city. Overall, the rapid transit network in Chicago includes more than 140 total stops.

The Red Line is the busiest service within the Chicago L system. This line operates between Howard Station in Northern Chicago and Ashland/63rd Station in the southern part of the city.I found some Read the rest of this entry »

New York City Transit Authority and Subway System

The Vast Landscape And Grid System of New York City
The Big Apple can be a gigantic mess to travel in. Moreover, Manhattan is an overwhelming city to navigate and get around. However, there are new systems in place to make this easier. First, you can use relatively new phone apps to help you get around the city. By this, I mean you can use Google Maps or another app that will allow you to put in your destination and navigate your through the subway system. This is Read the rest of this entry »

The Washington Metro is a rapid transit system that serves the District of Columbia and some of the surrounding communities. The Metro provides convenient rail transportation system within the U.S.A. capital and various suburbs nearby in Virginia and Maryland. Consisting of five lines and serving more than 80 stations,, the Washington Metro is officially the second busiest rapid transit system in the United States after New York.

The Red Line is the busiest route within the Washington Metro system. This line stops at more than 25 stations including some of the busiest places in the heart of the capital district. In fact, the Red Line is the only service that stops at the Union Station, the main rail transportation hub in the District of Columbia. Covering more than 25 stations, the Blue Line is the second busiest service in the Washington Metro service. The Green Line, Yellow Line and Orange Line are the other routes that make up the rapid transit system in the capital district.

Passengers can easily make transfers within the Washington Metro system. Stops such as Metro Center and L’Enfant Plaza are served by multiple metro lines. Riders can also transfer to the Washington Metro bus service.